3D Films and More in the Bay Theater

Tickets valid through December 31, 2014.

The World of Sharks 3D

The World of Sharks 3D

The World of Sharks 3D takes a unique look at a variety of shark species from the Red Sea to the Pacific Ocean. You'll marvel at the sight of a whale shark, the largest fish in the ocean and be truly mesmerized by a friendly underwater encounter between a sea lion and a great white shark.

TurtleVision 3D

TurtleVision2 3D

In “TurtleVision2” Sammy and Ray search for a way to get
back to their family after a corporate CEO captures the pair
for his Vegas style restaurant aquarium tank.
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Inside the New Bay Bridge

Inside the New Bay Bridge Part 1 and Part 2

Take a candid trip through the inside of the new Bay Bridge.and meet the people behind the construction of this local marvel.


The Bay Theater — Stunning 3D films and more

270 seats. Premier 3D technology. Surround sound.

The Bay Theater is home to a full lineup of programs including captivating 3D films, award-winning documentaries and special features on marine conservation and San Francisco Bay ecology.

The multi-use Bay Theater can be rented for private and corporate meetings, events and performances. The facility includes a 1,000-square-foot,full production stage and a large lobby with café and lounge areas.

Bay Area Toll Authority

The Bay Theater is presented in partnership with the Toll Bridge Program Oversight Committee.

The Bay Theater is powered by RealD 3D