Film and Lecture Series

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We are pleased to announce the America's Cup Healthy Oceans Project Film and Lecture Series, featuring a year-round calendar of topic-specific Film Festivals and Lecture Series designed to engage the public, raise awareness and celebrate the beauty of our Bay, our ocean, our planet and key issues affecting each of these fragile ecosystems.

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Sharks! Why We Fear Them, Why We Need Them
Update: Guardians of the Ocean - A Message of Hope from Dr. Sylvia Earle

UPDATE: Guardians Of the Ocean - A Message of Hope from Dr. Sylvia Earle

On October 5, we—and more than 100 other fans!— had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Sylvia Earle speak about the problems faced by the ocean. Dr. Earle has been a pioneer in ocean exploration, leading the first team of women in an experiment spending weeks living under the sea, and she currently serves as the Global Healthy Ocean Ambassador for America’s Cup. The crowd was both curious and excited to hear what she would have to say.

Although the topic was serious, Dr. Earle inspired her listeners with a message of hope. Yes, the ocean is in crisis, but every person can help make a difference. She spoke about the importance of taking action now, while we both understand the problems the ocean faces and possess the knowledge for solutions. She also explained that our global communications and our interconnectedness across the world mean that we can work together better now than at any other point in history. Dr. Earle left us with a sense of empowerment, and we are more excited than ever to share our love of the ocean and our determination to be its guardian.

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