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If you live in one of the nine San Francisco Bay Area counties, you qualify for the locals discount.

Aquarium of the Bay focuses on marine and aquatic life, beginning in our own backyard: San Francisco Bay. Through this lens, we interpret critical environmental issues facing wildlife of our entire watershed. The Aquarium’s recent merger with The Bay Institute, a local science-based environmental policy and advocacy organization, strengthens our focus on the watershed and empowers us in our mission to protect, restore and inspire the conservation of San Francisco Bay and its watershed, from the Sierra to the sea.

The Next Step: Bringing River Otters to the Heart of the Waterfront
At Aquarium of the Bay, we connect people to our local watershed environment through close-up interactions with the marine and aquatic life that call this area home. River otters are the perfect animal to demonstrate the interconnectedness of our headwaters, rivers, delta and ocean. These charismatic creatures create an opportunity for us to speak to our lifelong learners about the needs of this critical ecosystem and to provide a window for our local guests and visitors from around the world to understand worldwide environmental changes.

Through this exhibit, Aquarium of the Bay will help all visitors understand that humans and river otters need a healthy watershed and will inspire our visitors to explore and protect it.

Aquarium of the Bay: Bringing the Watershed to the Forefront
San Francisco is known as the “City by the Bay.” In fact, this whole region is referred to as the Bay Area. But, as majestic as the San Francisco Bay is, from an ecological standpoint it is just one part of the San Francisco Bay Delta Estuary. Bill Davoren, The Bay Institute’s founder, envisioned a new approach to advocacy that viewed the entire Bay-Delta ecosystem as a single, interdependent watershed. This vision guides our ongoing transformation into a watershed aquarium. Our new North American river otter exhibit and watershed Discovery Lab will realize this vision in a powerful way.

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