Shark Attack Survivor Event

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Chum and feed your curiosity for sharks!
Sink your teeth into something really interesting during Shark Week. On Saturday, August 3, we’ll be joined by two presenters who have plenty of first-hand experiences of shark interactions for a FREE event in our Bay Theater. Christina Slager, Director of Animal Care at Aquarium of the Bay, will talk about caring for sharks and what it’s like to work with these fascinating animals on a daily basis. Slager will be followed by Jonathan Kathrein, a real-life shark attack survivor, who will recount his personal experience of being attacked by a great white shark off the California coast and will explain why his attack turned him into an avid advocate for sharks. The presentations will be followed by a Q & A and book signing by Jonathan Kathrein.
About Christina Slager:
Christina has more than 25 years of experience working with aquatic animals. Specializing in penguins, sharks and marine birds, some of her career highlights include capturing and transporting large sand tiger sharks from Delaware to New Orleans, participating in Monterey Bay Aquarium’s successful juvenile white shark capture program and directing a sevengill shark tracking program at Aquarium of the Bay.
About Jonathan Kathrien:
In 1998, a great white shark bit into Kathrein’s leg and dragged him underwater while he was bodyboarding along the Northern California coast. The major muscles in his leg were severed, requiring more than 600 stitches. After years of physical therapy, Kathrein made a full recovery. Today, Kathrein is a political consultant in Northern California with a focus on clean energy, coastal issues and community environmental projects. As an advocate for sharks, he believes they are an important part of our ecosystem, not the malicious savages they are sometimes portrayed as in movies. Kathrein is the author of three books including Surviving the Shark: How a Brutal Great White Attack Turned a Surfer Into a Dedicated Defender of Sharks. Find out more about Jonathan Kathrein:
4:30 pm – Doors open
5:00 pm – Program starts
6:30 pm – Book signing in Bay Theater lobby