Teacher Resources

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The Aquarium's Education Department strives to provide local teachers with the resources they need to understand the ecology of the San Francisco Bay and prepare teachers for their visit to the Aquarium. The following sections include a variety of information to prepare you and your students for an enjoyable and educational visit to Aquarium of the Bay.

Educator E-Newsletter

We publish a quarterly educator newsletter.

  • Teacher Resource Guides
    Bring the San Francisco Bay into your classroom using these newly created resources, including lesson plans for every grade level.

  • BayMobile Activity Guides
    Activity and Teacher Guides for after the BayMobile has visited your school.

  • Educator Events
    Check out for information about upcoming teacher appreciation events and professional development workshops.

  • FAQ
    Help maximize your school's visit to Aquarium of the Bay by reviewing answers to our most frequently asked questions.

  • Tips for a Successful Visit
    Learn how to make the most out of your Aquarium visit with helpful hints and additional resources.

  • To and Beyond the Aquarium
    Plan your transportation to Aquarium of the Bay and find more things to do in our neighborhood.