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Do you want to bring San Francisco Bay and surrounding ecosystems into your classroom? Look no further than these resources Aquarium of the Bay created for you and your students. Each guide contains multiple thematic lesson plans and is aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards and the Common Core State Standards. 


touch sharks

People can help keep local environments clean so that animals can also thrive in their habitats. 

First Grade Teacher Resource Guide
While negative human-environment interactions can cause long-lasting damage to the environment, effective conservation strategies can help protect and support wildlife. 


Second Grade Teacher Resource Guide
Animals of all kinds depend on clean freshwater habitats during at least some part of their life cycle. 



Third Grade Teacher Resource Guide
Salmon are extraordinary animals that both depend on and help create healthy freshwater ecosystems.

Fourth Grade Teacher Resource Guide
Food webs are complex systems that consist of many organisms depending on each other for nutrients and are affected by a variety of human and natural factors. 


Fifth Grade Teacher Resource Guide
Seaweeds and submerged plants share some characteristics with terrestrial plants but are specially adapted to the marine environment and provide essential habitat and food within marine ecosystems. 


sixth grade teacher resource guide
The San Francisco Bay is an important part of a watershed where rivers and other freshwater sources flow and shape the land on their way to the ocean. People who live within the watershed impact it in many ways. 

seventh grade teacher resource guide
Sea lions are part of a complex ecosystem that is impacted by human activities. 


eighth grade teacher resource guide
Temperature, salinity, and density are three dynamic, interconnected, and important characteristics of water. 


High school biology teacher resource guide
Explore the ideas of population dynamics and human impacts on marine environments through the example of great white sharks.

high school chemistry teacher resource guide
The chemistry of our oceans is changing due to the influx of atmospheric carbon dioxide from human-induced carbon emissions.  

discover the bay teacher resource guide
The San Francisco Bay and its watershed are diverse and complex ecosystems, whose health depends on our everyday actions. 


High school biology teacher resource guide




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