Green Business Certification

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At Aquarium of the Bay, we feel that it is important to walk the talk; therefore we continually seek to improve our sustainability efforts with the help of our staff and guests. Aquarium of the Bay was certified as a San Francisco Green Business in 2005, and completed recertification processes in 2010 and 2013. San Francisco Green Businesses meet many high environmental standards, and are recognized by the City and County of San Francisco for their achievements. 
We maintain our Green Business status through periodic reviews of our recycling and composting (“zero waste”) practices, hazardous waste removal, water consumption, and energy conservation. Below are some examples of our green projects and accomplishments:

  • Reducing our plastic footprint by offering a reusable water bottle filling station and water fountain in our gift store, and providing a broader selection of soft drinks in aluminum cans, which require less energy to produce and are more easily recycled;
  • Energy conservation by regularly replacing old light fixtures with lower-energy bulbs, working with our local energy utility on an energy audit, and joining a local energy grid demand-response program;
  • Water conservation through installation of low-flow faucets and toilets throughout the building;
  • Reducing trash sent to landfill through recycling, composting, e-waste drives, and collection and proper recycling or disposal of miscellaneous items such as batteries and plastic bags/ film;
  • Leading annual Earth Day, World Ocean Day, and Coastal Cleanup Day beach clean-ups along Aquatic Park and elsewhere around the Bay; and
  • Formation of a staff Green Team that meets monthly and works to continue and improve on our sustainability practices throughout the organization.

How You Can Help:

Your choices and actions make a huge difference to the surrounding environment, and small actions by many add up quickly.  Here are a few ways your everyday decisions can support a healthier planet.  Give yourself a thumbs up and pat on the back if you’re already doing some of these – and then take on another good habit to help the planet and yourself.

  • Reuse your old t-shirts! Find out how to make them into reusable bags with our tutorial below: