Science Bites

April 23 – 28

Take a bite out of science and discover Bay predators at Aquarium of the Bay. Find out what’s on the menu as we explore which Bay resident is a force to be reckoned with – the shark.

From April 23 – 28, become a scientist with hands-on science experiments and activities, all while learning about what it takes to be a predator.

Included with General Admission

Sea Shells

Special Programming

Get Egg-cited For Shark Reproduction:

Learn about the different ways in which sharks reproduce, with the opportunity to experience real shark eggs up close.

Predation Station – A Squid Dissection:

Explore the ways in which sharks are connected to the SF Bay’s food web by opening up one of their most important prey, the squid.

Jurassic Shark:

Travel back in time to explore how sharks evolved their unique adaptations over the past 450 million years.

A Jaw-some Look at Shark Feeding:

Sink your teeth into the diverse feeding methods that sustain these top predators, featuring real shark jaws and teeth

Be a Shark Scientist!:

Step into the shoes of a shark researcher and learn how we collect data about these animals in the wild (geared towards ages 4-10).

Sea Shells


  • 11:00 am
    Get Egg-cited For Shark Reproduction
  • 11:30 am
  • 12:15 pm
    A Jaw-some Look at Shark Feeding
  • 1:15pm
    Be a Shark Scientist!
  • 2:00 pm
    Predation Station – A Squid Dissection
  • 3:15 pm
    Jurassic Shark
  • 4:00 pm

Sea Shells

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