Daily Visitor Programs

With dozens of engaging free-with-admission programs offered daily, plus opportunities to expand your visit, there is always something new to discover at Aquarium of the Bay.

8 Arms, 9 Brains

Come meet our amazing octopus and witness the cleverness of this invertebrate. Our naturalist will show enriching activities made just for our octopus and, discuss how they use their alien-like senses to solve all sorts of problems.  
Meet Our Otters

Join a naturalist as they introduce our favorite watershed ambassador: the North American river otter. Learn about these charismatic mammals, how they differ from their sea otter cousins, and find out how you can help keep their homes in the wild healthy and clean. Guests may even have a chance to catch an otter training session during a special appearance by our animal care staff.

Sevengill Shark Feeding

Watch our divers feed the Sevengill Sharks -- San Francisco Bay's largest predators. Find out what they eat, why they don’t eat the other animals, and what makes them unique from other sharks.
Jellies are fascinating animals and captivate us all. Maybe our fascination with them is their ability to “go with the flow,” a trait many humans strive for. Since they are drifters, jellies are considered plankton, wherever the currents and tides are moving the jellies go. Because of this, jellies are found in all of the world’s ocean and right now, jelly populations are increasing exponentially due to overfishing and ocean acidification. If we choose to eat sustainable seafood and to also reduce our carbon footprint, we can help keep the oceans in balance and bring jelly populations under control.

Bat Ray Feeding

Come watch big skates pounce on their food and bat rays munch with their special jaws at one of our touchpools. Learn how and what these animals eat during a presentation with one of our trained naturalists.
Shark Talk Over the hundreds of millions of years that they have been on Earth, sharks have adapted to become the ocean’s most diverse, yet misunderstood, top predators. Now they are facing their biggest challenge but it’s also one we can help with! Come join a naturalist for this fintastic presentation and see for yourselves the sharks of the San Francisco Bay and how you can help save them.

What a Web

Kelp forests are some of the most diverse and complex ecosystems on our planet. Come discover the animals that live in our own kelp forests at the Aquarium, and how they depend on you to help protect their homes.
Grab-a-Bite Watch and learn how we feed thousands of fish, sharks and rays in our "Under The Bay" tunnel exhibit.
Tidepool Feeding
Join our trained naturalists to find out how - and what - sea stars, sea cucumbers and other invertebrates eat. Did you know that there are more than 1,800 species of sea stars? In a rainbow of colors, sea stars also range in size, from that of a small bug to a large clock. Aquarium of the Bay exhibits species including Bat, Sunflower, Leather, Ochre and Pink Stars.
PG&E Bay Lab Presentations
How do animals around the world adapt to changes in climate? Join a naturalist and meet a climate change ambassador.  Learn about how these animals are amazing survivors and how we can help them too.

What is the difference between weather and climate?  Have an interest in science experiments?  Come join our climate change naturalist for hands-on activities and learn more about how our amazing planet supports all of the life that it does.