At Aquarium of the Bay, we love the Bay and all the flora and fauna that call this rich, diverse watershed “home”. We want to help protect it, restore it and conserve it for generations to come, which is why inspiring environmental stewardship is central to our mission and programs. Aquarium of the Bay works to promote literacy and positive action towards the health of the watershed and ocean through the lens of five critical issues: sustainable seafood, marine protected areas, marine debris and plastic pollution, climate change, and watershed health.
Our staff also actively participates in and conducts a variety of conservation research projects and leads shoreline cleanup efforts through the year. Please read on to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

Animal Conservation

Elasmobranchs, sharks, jellies, and more – our staff conduct and consult on various research projects to learn more about animals who call the Bay home.

Beach and Coastal Cleanups

Every year, Aquarium of the Bay hosts multiple beach and shoreline cleanups. These events engage hundreds of amazing volunteers every year, who help pick up thousands of cigarette butts, disposable plastic food containers, plastic bags, and other trash.

Climate Change / Key Issues

All of our programs, initiatives, and projects relate to at least one of the following issues: climate change, sustainable seafood, marine protected areas, marine debris and plastic pollution, and watershed health.

Conservation Partners

At Aquarium of the Bay, we collaborate and partner with many other organizations around the Bay Area that are dedicated to sustainability and the conservation of natural resources, through educational programs, research, and/or advocacy.

Green Business Certification

Aquarium of the Bay is one of the few certified green businesses on PIER 39, having been a proud member of the San Francisco Green Business Network since 2005.

Sustainable Seafood

Aquarium of the Bay leads the efforts of multiple partners throughout the Bay Area to help consumers make informed choices for a healthier ocean. Click here when you’re searching for sustainable seafood in the Bay Area.