Come Visit Tahoe

We're excited to announce the newest addition to the aquatic family – Tahoe, a juvenile North American river otter. His public debut was on Friday, April 14, 2017! 

The Giant Pacific Octopus

Giant Pacific Octopuses are highly intelligent and therefore require significant enrichment activities to avoid boredom. Aquarium of the Bay offers them a wide variety of puzzles and challenges to keep them busy and having fun! Learn More 

Plan an Event

Private events, birthday parties, and more! We look forward to helping you hold a wonderful, fun, and sustainably-produced event. 

Shopping & Movie Night 4/28

In collaboration with PIER 39's outdoor movie night, enjoy 10% off from Aquarium of the Bay’s retail shop from 6 pm to close. 

Save $38+ on Tickets

Make the most out of your Fisherman's Wharf visit with the WharfPass. Five of the top attractions at one low price. 


Save 42% off Unlimited Cable Car Rides, plus 4 top San Francisco attractions, packed into a pocket sized ticket book.