Friends, Flows, and Fun, OH MY!

Riveropolis is a miniature river that doubles as in interactive art exhibit and it's back at Aquarium of the Bay! Whether you're a kid or an adult, come learn about waterways > 

Spring Break Celebration

The Bay's top predators come in all shapes and sizes. Throughout our celebration, we’ll be focusing on three of the top predators from various ecosystems around the Bay >

Spotlight Animal: River Otters

Learn all about river otters including their keen hunting skills and adaptains that let them rule the rivers. >

Go Behind the Scenes

Find out what happens on the other side of our tanks when you sign up for a Behind the Scenes Tour >

Explore, Play, Discover

The Exploratorium is an eye-opening playful place at Pier 15, on the Embarcadero. Purchase a combo ticket to save on Aquarium and Exploratorium ticket prices >

15% Off PIER 39 Dining

Enjoy a 15% discount at one of the following recommended restaurants on PIER 39, when you purchase an Aquarium ticket >