Sustainable Seafood

Aquarium of the Bay is committed to educating our guests about sustainable seafood and the impact of personal choice. Throughout the year, we work with partners at California Academy of Sciences, the San Francisco Zoo, and The Marine Mammal Center, and others to promote and enhance the sustainable seafood movement in the Bay Area, while providing regional support for the the global Sustainable Seafood movement.

Are you a true seafoodie? Give yourself a pat on the back and an extra bite of that best-choice seafood if you do all of the following:

  1. Visit us and our partner organizations to learn more, and support local leaders in the sustainable seafood movement
  2. When you buy seafood, please make choices in support of a healthy ocean – and support business who are too. Below is a list of good resources, including recommended Bay Area restaurants. These local Seafood Watch partner restaurants have taken a pledge to only serve items that are Seafood Watch approved.
  3. Ask your fellow seafood connoisseurs to join you in supporting a healthy ocean!

Sea Shells

San Francisco Bay Area Sustainable Seafood Alliance restaurant partners:

These local Seafood Watch partner restaurants have taken a pledge to follow Sustainable Seafood recommendations, avoid red-listed seafood items, and complete an annual seafood assessment.

Sea Shells

Buying seafood to cook for yourself or for your business?

Here are some great resources:

Real Food Co.
Real Good Fish
Same Day Seafood

Sea Shells

Learn more about specific species and what you can do to support the Sustainable Seafood movement in your local area, or while you are traveling!