San Francisco’s globe-trotting wolf eels

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In late Spring of 2018, a mated pair of wolf eels laid and began to guard an egg mass at the Aquarium. For several months, staff observed the development of the eggs. In July, when the eggs were at the end of their development, staff removed the egg mass from the parent’s care into a separate system the eggs began to hatch. By the end of the first week, approximately 400 animals were successfully swimming and eating. For about 45 days the animals grew behind the scenes, and first went onto display in late August 2018.

Staff began to organize the logistics of sending juvenile eels to other institutions, and have successfully sent wolf eels to a variety of organizations. Currently, wolf eels are on display in the Cephalopod and Friends Gallery at the Aquarium, and staff are still organizing the shipment of the remaining surplus eels to other interested institutions.


Chart of where Wolf Eels have been sent or moved


Wolf Eel stages

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