Virtual Aquarium Tours

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During the Shelter-in-Place Order in March, the Aquarium of the Bay was faced with an urgent need to bridge the gap with students who were unable to visit the Aquarium. Our drive to continuing serving the educational needs of our communities led to the development and implementation of a Virtual Aquarium Tour Experience, free of cost to the students. These 45-min tours allowed students and their teachers to interact with a Staff Biologist and Education Specialist bringing the 200 species of the Aquarium right into their living rooms, which had become virtual classrooms. The tours provided the opportunity to tailor the experience to the grade level, curriculum and topic of interest, and allowed students to ask questions and get responses in real time. The interactive program has so far served over 1,000 students, and 52 teachers from 41 schools, not only in California but reaching across 3 other States and 2 countries.

With schools off on Summer break, we have now launched our Corporate Program, bringing the Aquarium to the virtual meeting rooms. Several companies have been using this paid-program as a Team-building activity. Many of our clients have not been to the Aquarium before, and this program takes the Aquarium to them. As we re-open the Aquarium, we will continue to offer these virtual programs to our community and also to reach a global audience.

To sign-up for this program, please contact the sales department: [email protected]

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