February 29 Marks Black History Month: SANKOFA DAYS

 In EcoCurrent

SANKOFA DAYS @ The BAY explores the environmental movement and celebrated notable African American heroes and leaders in the environmental space. The recognition of environmental justice and sustainability has been deeply embedded within the nation’s underserved communities and its communities of color. It is a moral stance that brings to the forefront a fundamental necessity to care for others with whom we live, and the environment within which we exist, with a sacred trust. “Our partnership and SANKOFA DAYS @ The BAY establish our shared commitment to the principles that stand at the core of this movement for environmental justice and sustainability embodied in the words of Dr. King, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly ,” said Aaron Grizzell, Executive Director of The NorCalMLK Foundation.

“In our griot tradition, we seek to construct a new narrative that will resound, and raise mindfulness and collective consciousness of our environmental legacy—a respect, care, and love for our mother Earth; as well as awaken and ignite our youth to take up the banner for environmental justice and climate change action to secure the future for coming generations,” said Angelique Tompkins, Board Member at BayEcotarium who is leading Black History Month at Aquarium of the Bay. According to George Jacob, President & CEO of BayEcotarium, “This is our second-annual SANKOFA DAYS @ THE BAY and I’m proud that the Aquarium is celebrating Black History Month on such a scale. Our staff is excited and working hard behind the scenes to welcome 500 youth!”

An exciting new feature at the event is recognition of the 30th anniversary of the Sea Lions at PIER 39. Local artist Malik Seneferu, well known to the Bayview Hunters Point community and beyond will “paint live” one of the popular sea lions on canvas, providing his artistic representation of Sankofa – an Adinkra symbol meaning, ‘know your past to understand your future’, the African Diaspora, and environmental justice.

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