Aquarium of the Bay celebrated its first Black History Month

 In EcoCurrent

Aquarium of the Bay at PIER 39 celebrated the first Black History Month in its history on February 22-23, 2019 in partnership with Northern California Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Community Foundation and the San Francisco Chapter of Links, Inc., to ensure that the events are engaging, educational, inclusive, and celebratory of the richness of the African Diaspora.

SANKOFA DAYS at The BAY featured a wonderful blend of events, music and activities focused on climate change, the environment, environmental justice, and sustainability that appealed to children, millennials, seniors, and everyone in-between.

Led by Board Member Angelique Tompkins, SANKOFADAYS at The BAY explored the environmental movement and celebrate notable African American heroes and leaders in the environmental space. The recognition of environmental justice and sustainability has been deeply embedded within the nation’s underserved communities and its communities of color. It is at once a moral stance that brings to the fore a fundamental necessity to care for others with whom, and the environment within which we live with a sacred trust.

The event brought in over 100 guests on Friday and 250 children on Saturday who took part in family programs, drumming lessons and fun activities adding revenue to the Aquarium.

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