Dr. Dayne Buddo to Lead Bay Academy

 In EcoCurrent

Dr. Dayne Buddo is a Marine Ecologist with expertise in marine invasive alien species, fisheries management and marine protected areas. He currently holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons.) degree in Zoology and Botany and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Zoology – Marine Sciences from The University of the West Indies, where he also served as a tenured faculty member for almost a decade. More recently, he served as the CEO and Research Director for the Alligator Head Foundation focussing on marine protected areas. Dayne is a widely published author in scientific peer-reviewed journals and books in ocean conservation. He has worked closely with the United Nations on ocean issues, serving on various bodies both for Jamaica and in his own right.

Dayne is also certified as a PADI Master Instructor, an Advanced Rebreather Diver, an Emergency First Response® (First Aid/CPR/AED) Instructor, as well as a Hyperbaric (Recompression) Chamber Safety Director. He has safely conducted over 8,000 scuba dives and is also an avid underwater photographer.

As a native of the small island of Jamaica in the Caribbean, Dayne brings a unique perspective on the issues of climate change to the Bay Ecotarium. He has both studied and experienced the impacts of climate change on small islands, and more importantly developed solutions to adapt and increase resilience. His experience in over 35 countries has given Dayne a broad approach to climate change and these stories will resonate during his tenure as Director of the Bay Academy.

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