She Sings, She Dances, but Not Really

 In EcoCurrent

Do you remember learning about Lotta Crabtree, a celebrated entertainer during the California Gold Rush? Called the “Nation’s Darling” in the late 1900s, her energetic singing and dancing endeared her to thousands. We expect the same reaction when our lively new California Ground Squirrel goes on display at the Aquarium—and that’s why we named her Lotta Crabtree.

California Ground Squirrels are commonly seen in California and range from Western Oregon to Baja California. They typically live in burrows dug in fields, pastures and woodlands. The Aquarium’s Lotta Crabtree was a survivor of the 2018 Woolsey Fire, but became imprinted on her rescuers and cannot be released back into the wild. Now Lotta is a whirlwind of chirping, dancing and nest building. Visit the Aquarium to enjoy her ongoing performance.

Christina J. Slager

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